Coins sent to the wrong wallet?

Not happy with funds leaving your wallet?

Suspicious transfer you don’t recognize?

Cancel transaction!

Bitcoin Vault is the world’s first cryptocurrency to roll out an ecosystem of tools and services allowing users to Cancel transactions, send Secure payments, as well as bypass the safety features and send Fast Secure transactions.

But how can it be possible
on an immutable blockchain?

It’s simple – Secure transactions get marked as “pending” until the 144th block is confirmed, giving users approximately 24 hours to react.

Bitcoin Vault is the only cryptocurrency that allows
users to Cancel transactions.

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and its ecosystem.

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Gold Wallet

A mobile app allowing users to store, send and receive BTCV in a safe
and secure way.


Key Generator

A web-based key generator, creating custom cryptographic codes for the user’s individual wallets.


Electrum Vault

A desktop wallet based on the open-source Electrum Wallet, allowing users to store, send and receive BTCV in a safe and secure way.


What is the 3-Key Security Solution?

It is an enhanced anti-theft structure based on three keys necessary to make transactions:
Standard Transaction Key, Cancel Transaction Key, and Fast Transaction Key.
They work as an additional safety feature and add another layer of security to protect your funds.

Solution 1: Secure Transaction

It allows BTCV users to send funds using Standard Transaction Key, but it delays payments by 144 blocks (around 24 hours). This is an extremely flexible option for people to move funds from one wallet to another. The time window provides users with a time for reflection and solid judgment.

Solution 2: Cancel Transaction

Once a Secure Transaction is made, users can always change their minds and cancel the transfer with Cancel Transaction Key before it’s confirmed on the blockchain (around 24 hours). Of course, this option would also be very useful in the case the wallet has been breached and funds were stolen.

Solution 3: Secure Fast Transaction

It allows users to send funds to their trusted contacts in a matter of minutes and with low fees, without the 24-hour delay. It requires a Fast Transaction Key and should be used wisely. That transfers will be sent over the next available block, which takes up to ten minutes.